Pastor Anniversary Gifts

August 8, 2014
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By Titus T Garard

A person who dedicates his or her life to being a pastor deserves some appreciation. The question arises frequently as to what exactly should a parishioner or indeed the entire congregation get for an appreciated pastor. Having given it some thought, and asked several pastors their opinions, here are some guidelines that can be helpful in making the decision.

Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea #1
Most pastors already have a bible, and unless it is a display edition for use on the pulpit, a bible might be a redundant gift. Reference books that give insight into the bible would probably be more appreciated by the recipient.

Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea #2
If the congregation is getting together to pay for the gift then the possibilities are more wide open. Most of the pastors surveyed liked the idea of a gift card to a nice restaurant for a gift. For the most part pastors do not get the opportunity to dine out very often with just his family and a card for a good restaurant is always appreciated.

Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea #3
A gift card to a good clothing store that sells high quality suits is another thing that most pastors can use. Each time he wears the suit it will remind him of the people he serves and how much they appreciate his work and dedication. Most pastors tend to spend on others instead of themselves which is what makes a gift card especially appropriate: he has to spend it pretty much on himself and his family.

Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea #4
A pastor who is married and has a family would appreciate a little time away from his kids. The gift of a stay at a Bed and Breakfast with a church member keeping the kids could be a great boon for the marriage and heart of the pastor. A bit of a vacation from the everyday duties of the church can help not only the pastor himself, but it can also give his wife a little relaxation from her duties as a homemaker and mom. Both of the leaders of the congregation can thus be appreciated and reinvigorated at the same time.

Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea #5
A young pastor who lives in a parsonage owned by the church would love to get an update in kitchen appliances or new furniture for the home. A parsonage is a wonderful thing, but the things in it can always be made even finer by the gift of love from the congregation. A new sofa or new curtains selected by the pastor and his wife can be a gift that makes everyone involved feel good. The really important thing about a pastor appreciation gift is that it be given sincerely from the hearts of the givers.

Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea #6
Universally the most appreciated gift for a pastor was the gift of appreciation. A gift that costs next to nothing and yet makes the pastor feel good about himself and his ministry is the finest gift of all. Get each member of the church to write a personal letter giving a short statement of appreciation for the pastor. Collect each letter and put them into a presentation box so the pastor believes it is an actual gift. The letter box is a gift that warms the heart of the pastor not only when he gets it but through all the years of his ministry and beyond.

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